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Cleaning and maintenance

    You must wash the mask before the first use.

    Recommended washing by hand, using water and washing-up liquid, dry naturally in a location with natural light. If you choose to wash in the machine, place the mask in the bag-of-protection to a program of up to 70 ° c.
    Do not tumble dry. 


    Put on the Mask

    Washing your hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based solution, before I put on the mask.

    p>Place the mask with the inner face towards the face, and the outer face facing out; Adjusting the rigid end of the mask to the nose, covering the mouth, nose and chin with the mask, making sure that there are no spaces between the face and the mask; The mask should not be touched while it is in use; if this happens, hand hygiene must be performed immediately; If you accidentally get your mask wet, replace it with a dry one as soon as possible. The wet mask must be washed before being reused

      It is recommended to use it for a maximum period of 4 hours a day, and must be replaced at the end of that period or whenever it is wet. The mask must be washed before being reused.

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